PewePro 2

CourseDesigner 2.0

CourseDesigner 2.0 is a tool supporting design and authoring of adaptive web-based courses metadata. CourseDesigner enables both manual and automatic metadata creation/update.

Manual metadata creation and/or update is supported by intuitive user interface for concepts and relationship creation consisting of (see Figure 1):

Navigation panels enable course navigation - both learning object- as well as pseudoconcepts-based. The graph panel visualizes the domain model metadata layer as a graph where pseudoconcepts are nodes and relationships are edges. Building on the top of JUNG library, several layouting algorithms are employed in order to facilitate metadata creation/update. Properties panel represent different view of domain model, where course metadata can be changed on per-resource (pseudoconcept, learning object, relationship) basis. In addition to tool-specific panels we also implemented traditional GUI elements like toolbar and menus (incl. context mouse menu).

Automatic metadata creation and/or update is supported by features related to the method for automatic semantics discovery for adaptive course: learning object preprocessing, pseudoconcept identification, relationships discovery. Its three part can be invoked by a user from menu according to actual course state. After automatic metadata creation step teacher can further extend metadata descriptions for a course.

CourseDesigner 2.0

CourseDesigner 2.0 screenshot.