FLIP (should we invent a better name for it?)

A framework for personalized e-learning experience.

Technologies used: NET Framework 3.5, C#, AJAX, Language Integrated Query
Inputs: QTI Question Editor binary format
Outputs: Personalized adaptive learning experience

Addressed Problems

Adaptive learning system Flip is based on evaluation of user knowledge using test questions which are inserted into learning materials. Using adaptive testing methods most appropriate questions for specific user are selected. Flip can also recommend appropriate topics for user which also based on evaluation of his knowledge. For more details see Adaptive Question Selector.


Flip is a web learning system, which displays concept hierarchy on the left side and text and questions belonging to the concept in the main part. The concepts that user already knows are displayed in grey color. User can interact with system in these ways:

factic screenshot

User interface of the adaptive learning system Flip.