Presentation Framework

In order to offer users an effective easy to use learning environment, we devised an integrated presentation framework which integrates our suite of learning, navigation and authoring services into a single streamlined user interface.

We devised a generic user workspace subdivided into four interconnected perspectives:

Although each perspective is primarily centered on a specific set of user tasks (i.e., learning, exploration, collaboration, content creation), it also designed to offer a limited set of vital functions from other perspectives in order to provide uninterrupted user experience.

While all four perspectives are useful in a learning environment context, in our work we primarily focused on the first two perspectives stressing effective learning and exploration of the available set of programming problems and exmaples. Thus we populated the first perspective with interactive learning services - the FLIP interactive assesment service and the RoR@MS adaptive concept recommendation service. The second perspective consists of the personalized faceted semantic browser Factic, which offers users a personalized exploratory search experience.