QTI Question editor

QTI Question Editor is a tool designed to create learning course structure including topic hierarchy, prerequisite graph, xhtml texts and questions in QTI standard. The reason why we opted to make our own editor is because existing free tools have support only for QTI Lite standard and do not support adaptive testing parameters. It also gives us greater control to change the way the course is created or its format when new requirements arise (e.g. transformation of questions from and into various formats).

Figure below depicts main interface of editor with its main parts. Because it enables to set large amount of parameters we focused on its limpidity and presentation of only those information that are interesting for the user.

Question editor interface

QTI Question editor interface.

User interface is based on docking windows which enables to move, dock and hide various parts of application. Property panel which shows properties of selected question consists of smaller expandable panels which are hierarchically grouped. Advantage of this approach is the increase of interface limpidity and ability to view arbitrary number of parameter groups such as question variables defined in QTI standard.

Editor is designed to accomplish these tasks: